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    Sterifeed Cetro umbilical cord rings are imported from Germany and are a cost-efficient alternative to both typical cord clamping and our discontinued, ever popular Umbi-Ring®. It is very light, uninvasive, and is an elastic band applied with a hemostat.
  • PRANA was formulated by a holistic nutritionist to maximize the absorption of turmeric and solve other problems with turmeric supplementation.  The power of this elixir has helped people combat congestion, inflammatory pain, poor digestion, and many other ailments. My personal favorite is as a replacement for all OTC Nsaids. PRANA is my go-to for postpartum pain relief, post-surgurical pain relief, migraines, headaches, etc. This is one I make sure to always have in my medicine cabinet. Liquid supplements are also far more effective and bioavailable than pills and powders.  Not only do they often contain a broader range of nutrients, their absorption begins in the mouth and doesn’t rely on making it through the harsh environment of the stomach, thus I have found PRANA to get to work immediately. What makes PRANA superior to other turmeric supplements? Its turmeric and ginger roots are from ORGANIC, non-GMO growers in the USA, ensuring maximum freshness and quality of nutrients. For best absorption, turmeric benefits need to be unlocked by three keys: combination with black pepper, addition to a fat, and in liquid form.  PRANA has all three keys resulting in the best way to get your daily dose of curcumin. Most turmeric supplements only contain a single extract of curcumin. (Think taking a vitamin C pill vs eating an orange.)  PRANA extracts all of the beneficial curcuminoids, gingerols, and natural oils found within the raw turmeric and ginger root.  Consuming all of these natural phytochemicals creates a powerful synergistic benefit. Not only is PRANA the most effective turmeric supplement, it’s also the tastiest! Other liquid turmeric supplements use harsh alcohol or CO2 extraction methods leaving a chemical aftertaste.  PRANA uses vegetable glycerin as an extract leaving you with a sweet, honey-like flavor, rather than harsh alcohols or CO2 extraction methods which leave a chemical aftertaste that other liquid turmeric supplements have. PRANA doesn’t contain any chemicals, artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives.  They use only natural, nourishing ingredients from nature.
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    Traditionally used by Southern Granny Midwives to quiet a nervous uterus, Welcome Womb tincture supports your hormones and relaxes your uterus with herbs. 2oz
  • 2 oz. An organic alcohol-based tincture which is helpful for all manner of issues, but especially helpful for female problems including threatened miscarriage and stopping bleeding.
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    This 1:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium allows proper absorption of both minerals. Berry flavor.
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    Stock arriving Late January Size: 64" x 50" x 24" Capacity: 110 gallons Features:
    • Easy-use screw air valves all around
    • Beautiful opaque walls
    • 3" Comfort-Cushion floor
    • Made with 0.38mm thick phthalate-free Vinyl
    • 3-ring air chamber design
    • Maximum water depth lines
    • Anti-slip textured top and floor
    • Large one-way air valves for quick inflating and deflating
    • US Company
    Liner not included. We highly recommend purchasing the Oasis Oval Birth Pool Liner.
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    Stock arriving Late January A birth pool loved by midwives, mothers, birth centers, and hospitals alike for its superior quality and affordability. Size: 66" x 54" x 28" Capacity: 115 gallons Features:
    • Comfort-Grip Handles on the top
    • Easy-use screw air valves, floor valves too!
    • Beautiful opaque walls
    • Carrying bag with back-pack straps
    • 0.46mm ECO Vinyl
    • 3" / 8cm Comfort-Cushion Floor
    • S-Beam Design
    • Anti-Slip Textured Top and Floor
    • US Company
    Oasis Elite Birth Pool Liner NOT included
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    Good Clean Love Almost Naked® Organic Personal Lubricant, 1.5 oz Water-based, long-lasting, and cleans up easily. But also so much more… Almost Naked® uses organic aloe and is carefully formulated to work with your body, not against it. Recommended by doctors nationwide, this top-selling organic lubricant is praised for its isotonic properties – it’s balanced to support vaginal health, so it won’t damage sensitive tissue or strip the body of natural moisture.
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    Arnica Montana 200c tablets are suitable for serious injuries, after surgery, and for pain of childbirth.
  • This topical blend contains herbs and essential oils which calm and soothe painful gums during teething. Apply sparingly to gums as needed.  

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