Amniotest Swabs


Nitrazine yellow swab. Screening test used to indicate ph change which may indicate possible rupture of the amniotic membrane/sac (amniorrhexis).

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Nitrazine yellow swab. Screening procedure used to indicate ph change which may indicate the presence of amniotic fluid. Sterile disposable single use swab. Comes with one color interpretation card.

When the swab impregnated with nitrazinre yellow dye is brought into contact with the upper vagina, the swab absorbs fluid and the dye changes color to correlate with the ph of the fluid absorbed. A ph of 6.5 or higher in the upper vagina is consistent with leakage of amniotic fluid.


Remove the swab from protective sleeve. DO NOT touch the tip of the swab or allow it to touch anything that may change the ph. Part the labia to expose the cervix and carefully insert the swab into the vagina. Do not allow the swab to touch vaginal tissue during entry. Allow the swab tip to touch upper vaginal tissue (posterior vaginal fornix and external cervical os) Allow the tip to remain in contact with upper vaginal tissue for about 15 seconds. Carefully remove the swab and immediately examine the color of the tip.

Should be stored at room temperature (59-86 degrees F.)

Sold individually, pack of 10, or in box of 100.


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Box of 100, Each, Pack of 10


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