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Obstetric Doppler with Digital Display

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Obstetric Doppler with Digital Display – Choose 2MHZ, 2MHz Waterproof or 3MHZ Probe

The  Nicolet Elite 200 Obstetric Doppler hand-held Doppler with a digital display is economical, compact and comes complete with a built-in speaker and easy-to-read numeric display to easily determine Fetal Heart Rate (FHR). The comfortable shape of the Elite probe is easy to hold and features broad-beam technology, making it very easy to find and lock onto the signal of interest. Natus probe technology has been tested in obstetric applications for years and is effective in detecting fetal heartbeats as early as 8-12 weeks in most pregnancies.


The 2mhz obstetrical probe has a deep signal penetration and is best used to obtain fetal heart tones in larger women and late in pregnancy. It will consistently pick up the fetal heartbeat at 12 weeks and is preferred for use during labor and delivery

The 2mhz waterproof obstetrical probe is well suited for underwater labor and delivery. When using the 2mhz waterproof probe, the main unit of the doppler remains outside the tub to provide clear, undistorted sound.

The 3mhz obstetrical probe has a shallow signal penetration and is more sensitive to early fetal heartbeats. It can pick up the fetal signals as earyl as 8-10 weeks. It is most commonly used in earlier stages of pregnancy and for general prenatal use.


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