The Golden Belly Birth Kit


The Golden Belly Birth Kit

This kit has been custom designed for the clients of The Golden Belly in California  by Kiki Jordan, LM.

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Herbal bath mixture used to help with after-birth healing. One of our best selling products! Makes a great gift for any expecting mom or one who has just delivered.
An ink pad that keeps ink off the baby's foot and mom's finger.
Argyle-Style DeLee Mucus Trap 10 Fr
Stretchy postpartum underwear used to contain maternity pads, or other pads.  This brief is like the top of panty hose.
1 gallon. Heavy duty, double zipper.
Optional Items:
This item: The Golden Belly Birth Kit
Pool Liner - La Bassine Maxi
Pool Liner - Birth Pool In A Box (Regular Size)
Debris Net for waterbirth
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The Golden Belly Birth Kit – This kit has been custom designed for the clients of The Golden Belly in California by Kiki Jordan, LM.


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