Suture – PGA HR-26 3-0 27″ (sub Polysorb V-20)


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27″, 1/2″ taper, Undyed
General Surgery
Similar to GS-22 and CT-2

This product can be sold to licensed practitioners only.

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Economical Comparable to Polysorb V-20 30″ 3-0 Sutures

Absorbable, Undyed, Monofilament, Disposable Suture

Brand: Monoderm

Material: Polyglycolic Acid

Needle Code: HR-26

Needle Curvature: 1/2 Circle Needle

Needle Length: 26mm

Needle Type: Taper Point

Quantity: 12/Box

Suture Length: 27″

Suture Gauge: 3-0

Synthetic absorbable braided sutures have a smooth, low-friction coating that reduces tissue drag. They retain approximately 50% of their initial strength at 2 weeks and 20% at 3 weeks. PGA is ideal for skin and mucosa closings and can be used in most areas of the body.

This product can be sold to licensed practitioners only.


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Weight .2 oz
Dimensions 5 × 2.5 × .2 in

Box of 12, Each


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