Feminine Fresh – Perineal Wash


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A perineal wash of healing and cleansing essential oils. The fragrance of lavender and the smooth feel of almond oil.

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Baby Birth and Beyond’s all-natural way to heal and cleanse the perineum using the essential oils of Lavender, the infused oils of Calendula and St. John’s wort, 100% pure Emu oil and Apricot oil in a base of Almond oil. Potent solution for healing. 1/2 oz. bottle. A few drops goes a long way!!! Directions: Use 3 to 4 drops in a peri bottle of warm water for post-menstrual wash and post- partum cleansing, which promotes healing.

At a recent conference of midwives, numerous women were using the sample bottle as a perfume, as its lovely aroma has a wonderful smell, a smooth feel and a scent of “birth” that is loved by all midwives and moms alike.

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