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Unistik TinyTouch Infant Heel Lancet


Sweeping action infant lancet, comparable to NeatNick

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Unistik TinyTouch Heel Lancet made by Owen Mumford for Full-Term babies.

Dimensions: 1.0 mm D x 2.5 mm L

Sweeping motion blade (comparable to the NeatNick Heel Lancet) designed to ensure:

  • A smoother, more precise incision
  • Minimal bruising and heel trauma
  • Less pain and discomfort
  • Amble blood sample

Contoured, ergonomic design provides:

  • Versatile grips for ease of use
  • Alignment guides to ensure precise placement
  • Color-coded body for easy size identification

Meets OSHA and NCCLS guidelines, featuring:

  • Permanently retractable blade
  • Quick-release sterility cap to prevent accidental incisions
  • Shallow blade depth meets infant safety standards

Because Tiny Feet Deserve a TinyTouch


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Box of 50, Each


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